Friday, 28 September 2007

sfd Champagne Tuxedo

Many customers have asked me to do a white or cream tux, they are my personal nightmare! - Light coloured suits are so difficult to do well- as in sl different times of day give a different look to the suit and the skirt template join is unavoidable. My respect to the few designers who have managed to carry this off well - Vindi Vindaloo and Fnky in particular. But I have bent to pressure and the Champagne Tuxedo is the result.
It features both regular jacket and optional skirt lower jacket, plain dress shirt on shirt and undershirt layer - scripted bowtie - change colour at a touch from drop down menu, regular dress shirt with black bowtie on texture and matching pants. Mod/copy so you can tint and keep versions in different colours, but mod/trans available from me if needed. Seen here with sfd cream suede dress shoes- 100 lindens.

Model- Dice Stonebender
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Claireity said...

That is very cool :]