Saturday, 20 February 2010

SF Design Captains shirts

ok im a sucker for the swashbuckling look - ive brought out another romantic style shirt this one laced up more than the poet's shirt - with a collar and flexi frills adding a flamboyant touch. The shirt is textured with a fabric covered in the tudo rose symbol. The sleeves subtly blouson to the double laced cuffs.
The shirt also comes with 2 sculpted waist parts for tucked and untucked looks.

The shirt comes in 5 colours , red , black , white, purple and blue and is available as a fat pack.

mod/copy versions available on request :)

Model - Adeon Silverfall
skin - Unique - Christopher (modified)
Hair - Robin from Uw St.
shape - MADesigns
pants - sf design stud leather jeans

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