Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Ode to Autumn

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness..... SF Design celebrates autumn with the release of a new gown and tux.
SF Design Hamilton Tux - October is the first in a new line of tuxedos by SF Design
The tux features a 3/4 length coat , brocade waistcoat/vest and a choice of textured tie, prim collar and tie or prim bowtie. The collar is touch scripted, as is the flexi coat , for resizing. The belted pants feature prim legs and the shirt (on undershirt layer) just the whisper of translucent leaves imprinted on the crisp white cotton.

(sf design model - Dice Stonebender)

The ties and vest are textured with the same rich colours and material as the new SF Design October gown. A sweetheart bodice embellished with leaves at the neckline, a full brocade skirt and a semi transparent bolero jacket with flexi sleeves. For a touch of glamour on a cold evening throw on the matching cloak fastened with a copper chain.
Both available from SF Design mainstore . The outfits are mod/copy but a trans version is available from me and also you can gift the item by using the vendors at the mainstores.

If you're looking for a matching pair of shoes to go with this gown you cant do better than Damen Gorilla's Volar Heels - Oregon - beautifully
textured and sculpted with lil bird charm attached to the heel.

available from Adam n Eve

and look at this jewelry - I asked my friend Alyssa Bijoux if she had anything that might match an autumn gown and she just happened to be making this beautiful silver and copper leaf set - and like all Alyssa's jewelry its modifiable so i tinted the copper leaves a lil darker for a perfect match. Included are bracelets, necklace and earrings.
Available from Alyssa Bijoux

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