Thursday, 17 April 2008

re. lower jacket/skirt rezzing issues

Does your skirt/jacket show in appearance? then disappear? dont panic :)
Lots of customers have been contacting me about this lately so i hope it helps to put thi son the blog.
Some kind person gave me this info and it works :)

1) The textures that the SL client downloads that includes your clothes layer etc are stores on the server, I believe in the specific sim where they were first baked. Rebaking on a different sim might help.

So clearing cache may not fix it
: And its server side
So rebake in a different sim I suggest
[ CTRL-ALT-D >>> (Client/Advanced) >>> CHARACTER >>> REBAKE TEXTURES
Then have them come in and out of Appearance to force it

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Tho said...

Or just Ctrl-Alt-R; that seems to work for me.