Friday, 4 April 2008

New Paisley with guest model - Daeden Jessop

"70s fashion began where the 60s left off. Mini skirts were still popular and the flower power influence was everywhere. 60s trends first adopted by the beautiful people filtered into mainstream wear. Trousers became flared and shirts had big collars. For men, the kipper tie was soon standard wear with a suit."(
Take a trip back to the early 70s with SF Designs new releases
Paisley GoGo outfits for the girls with pvc GoGo boots and Paisley shirts with kipper ties for the guys.
SFD Paisley GoGo comes in 4 colours , multi, greens, blues or muaves. Each outfit has a catsuit with flared cuffs and bellbottoms, and a mini dress with matching panties.

The GoGo boots can be bought separately and have optional sound script and sexy walk included.

SFD Paisley shirts come in the same 4 colours and both open neck and buttoned shirts are included with a matching kipper flexi tie. The lower part of the shirt is on the underpant layer to meet low rise hipster pants.

Im also releasing a 3 pack of the sfd hipster peace pants for 100 lindens included are black, brown and blue pants lowrise and belted.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there

Please could you try assist me. I do not live in the UK however I would like to purchase a Pasiley GoGo Girl dress and a cat suit for a 70s party. Please could you advise me how I can do this and wher in the UK you are based this is rather urgent.
Please could you email me at and

Thank you
Kind Regards