Thursday, 6 December 2007

SF Design Celestial Formal

Its party time and I know how the members of SL love to party so heres a formal specially for the holiday season - SF Design Celestial The gown and tuxedo come in Red or Blue and as Ive been playing with Fraps I thought I'd make an advert for them so you can see just how this flexi moves and looks in game. Models Tilly and Milaz helped me out on the fantastic new slow dance 7 by Craig Altman.
SF Design Celestial Tuxedo comes with a mid length flexi coat and a long length flexi coat in either a deep blue or dark red velvet.
The matching pants have prim leg attachments, and a prim attachment adds depth to the tie. The celestial patterned vest/waistcoat comes either with or without sleeve fillers.Matching shoes are available in medium and large sizes from the store. This item is mod/copy so if you would like to gift it please contact me :).Model - Nicklas Gorham

SF Design Celestial Gown also comes in red or blue velvet with a celestial patterned bodice with star buttons at the back.
An overlay of gossamer stars covers the skirt and is used for a wrap around the shoulders. Included are matching prim stilettos. Model -Emerald Bijoux


Melinda Jensen said...

Ohhhhhhh!!!! Wow, How heavenly! Love it. :) Great job Swaffy. Lovely video as well.

Hugs, Mel

Evan "Evonne" said...

How can I order these? Please let me know... I really like them & would like to discuss options.

return email: