Wednesday, 10 April 2013

"Apart from earning an awful lot of money, why would you go to Hollywood?" (Matthew Macfadyen)

You still have 4 more days to check out the most amazing Hollywood Event
When Ivy Maverick contacted me about the event - however busy I had to join in - my father brought me up on the old Hollywood movies - sunday afternoon was movie time , he still is a great lover of all things Hollywood particularly Marilyn and the musicals - this weekend I'm taking him to London to see Singing in the Rain for his 80th birthday :)
At the event 80 designers have provided exclusive new items and a swag bag in each store with a free item.
SF Design has 2 new exclusives there - sf design A Right Charlie - a take on the little tramp - complete avatar with skin and shape
 and sf design Audrey - a classic look based on the simple sophisticated look of Audrey Hepburn. -mesh dress , gloves, hat hair, hat, sunglasses and shoes 

 In our swag bag? - a colour change brando style cap - unisex.