Wednesday, 18 July 2012

sf design joins petites mesh fashion!!

We have joined the petite craze down at sf design and opened a store just for petites! - petites if you havent come across them yet , are tiny mesh avatars - the petites range (there are other tiny avs which these mesh clothes wont fit sorry) were originally created by Yabusaka Ioon - There are other creators making the petites mesh avatars - Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods and al vulo by Hlin Bluebird -in particular -  both of which are in collaboration with Yabusaka using the same mesh base - our petites range will fit any of these 3 creators tiny avs.
 The petites store stocks many of our favourites for men and women ( leather pants, captains shirts, pixie boots) - but all petite size!
We also have this gorgeous soleil fairy outfit for the ladies - and when you pick up the petite size outfit you get a regular size one free! it includes shoes (not shown), wings, crown, dress and belt.

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