Monday, 9 January 2012

Monday Mania bargain

Back to work and back with a monday mania bargain - tshirts are a staple and these are versatile on their varying layers and in 5 basic block colours - The set includes black , brown, blue , purple and red, on all layers and including untucked look. The female set features a scooped lower neckline.
Pick them up for just 25L a set today only.


Anonymous said...

I really love these T's. They look great! Especially if you layer them with a good looking leather vest (ala SF Design). Gives you a great casual look that can't be beat. Thanks Swaffette! You're one of very few designers that are making us guys look as good as we feel in SL.

Raedel Flatley

swaffette Firefly said...

thanks Raedel!