Monday, 12 September 2011

What do you call a cyclist who doesn't wear a helmet? An organ donor. ~David Perry

A helmet is one of the essentials for riding your bike - the other is leathers! unfortunately my husband has been won over by the all weather fabric gear :( nowhere near as sexy :(
So I'm bringing new leathers to second life - not only have these new pants got a grreat bikers belt with them you can get the burgundy pair FREE this month only.
Each pair of pants is included on underpant and pant layer and in standard and low rise fit.
The belts feature a wonderful script that will allow you to resize along the axis giving you that better fit.
You can buy black , blue and brown in the womens or mens casual departments as well as pick up your burgundy pair free

sorry the helmet isnt included with our new biker leather pants but if you're going to ride your motorcycle dont leave home without it!

Skin on him :- Maurice - Egoism
skin on her :- Allyson - Belleza

Shoes :- Sf Design Rancher boots black

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amazing bum said...

Very much agree to your article here. Belated condolence and I know you can overcome this trials in life.