Monday, 27 June 2011

sf design new colour change shoes for women and men

Time for some new summer shoes in our store - these come with a great hud driven by just one script! (respect for the script makers!)
So without causing great lag you can change colour of your shoe straps , adjust skin colour or choose from our preset skin colours, and change nail colours. Not only that you can resize via the hud too.
The mens shoes - sf design beach shoes are a great alternative to flipflops with their patterned straps and sole. The sculpted prim toes hide those ugly default avatar feet .
The ladies shoes - sf design Alice high heels with feet are also colour change and come in two textures - snakeskin and leopard print to match our latest swimwear. Again using the same hud system you can choose from 12 colours of strap and 24 nail colours!

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