Monday, 21 March 2011

For the ladies at Fashion for Life

all proceeds from this gown will be donated to Cancer Research

This classically sophisticated gown is dedicated and created for Lauren Fox of second life - some of you may know her as the owner of Laurens Tiling Textures - Lauren is currently undergoing chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer.

The gown is created in satin teal (teal being the Ovarian Cancer charity colour) and features asymmetrical glitter patterning.
The flexi skirt flows from the skirt in an asymmetrical cut and the system skirt enhances feminine curves.
Also included is a cute short version suitable as a cocktail dress

The flexi attachments include a resizing script just left click your prims when wearing to resize.
Included you will also find matching shoes.

Model : Melinda Jensen

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Beryl Landar said...

This hits home because both of my grandparents had cancer, and survived. My grandfather had prostate cancer and my grandmother had breast cancer. Thank you so much for supporting this cause.