Wednesday, 3 December 2008

sf design winter plaid

We've had the first ice and frost here in the south west of England and although I tend to put on thick wooly socks, wellies and a hoodie to go out in the cold I do wish I could dress a little more on the elegant side even if its not so practical . Well at least I can have my wish in , Im a lover of flexi fur so that had to be included - this outfit is chic and versatile with plenty of options - 2 coats are included a short swing jacket and a longer dress coat, both in dark cherry red plaid ,fur cuffs and collar are optional . The hat comes either with colour change hair or on its own, trimmed with fur. Black gloves are included , lacey tights, and fur trimmed sculptie boots. When you get to your destination take off your coat and you're ready to party in a sophisticated cocktail dress trimmed with lace. A perfect christmas gift this item is mod/trans but is available mod/copy if required.

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