Tuesday, 27 May 2008

the Ultimate lil black dress

I happened upon an advert for the new Sex in the City movie - all 4 actresses were wearing a different version of the little black dress -. Well i certainly dont need 4 black dresses in my over full inventory but how about one with lots of options and mix and match possibilities? So I decided to design my own - the SFD ulitmate lil black dress. This outfit has 4 different bodices, 4 different skirts - 3 of which are flexi prim ( full skirt, bustle and semi transparent hankerchief skirt) and some accessories - prim bow for the base of the spine, prim drop sleeves and a prim purse. So get mixing and matching ! you can easily make 16 different dresses but knowing the creativeness of my customers im sure you'll come up with far more - how about wearing a cinch belt with it or even the underbust corset from Petite Coquine? Have fun :)

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