Friday, 8 February 2008

sfd Huggles - some fun for Valentines day

The perfect way to send a Valentine message - SFD Huggles are cute bear like creature with blinking eyes, each with its own individual musical message - , you can also include a personal notecard, when your loved one clicks on the huggles heart it will play the musical message and deliver the notecard. There are 10 to choose from -
Have I told you Lately?
I just want to be your teddybear
I love you , I love you,
You're simply the best
Miss you like crazy
You're way too beautiful girl,
You're my hero,
Youre beautiful
I can't help falling in love
and a lil geordie mouse who says 'Happy Valentines Pet'
Available at SF Design Innisfree and Lotus.

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