Wednesday, 9 January 2008

New colours for formals

Customers requests this week - apparently ice lord lace was too blue for some of you so heres a white version or as white as you can get with sl :)
as always it includes 2 sizes of flexi lower jacket - textured lower jacket- flexi lace for collar and cuffs and prim shoes. - Shirts are also available in red and black separately.

SF design morning suit is now available with a silver waistcoat/vest and tie - this is the updated morning suit with prim tucked tie attachment.

Dont forget waistcoats/vests and tie combos are available separately in a variety of colours and I'm happy to make up a set with a morning suit for customers by request.

Model :- Daryl Watanabe

1 comment:

Garrett Larkham said...

Very sharp!
You're going to give Blaze a run for his money with these Swaffette :))